Are you ready to step into the life you were MEANT to live? The one you are absolutely stoked to wake up to every single day?

If so, read on to learn about my coaching technique and programs!

Programs for one-on-one coaching

The Highest Potential Incubator

This program is for those who are ready to step into the most confident, empowered versions of themselves and start winning in their lives. In this course we work together to transform your self-concept and ignite your personal power through hypnotherapy, neural reprogramming, belief work and building supportive new thinking patterns and behavioral habits. (6 month course)

By the time our six months together have completed, you will:

  1. Have healed past wounding patterns currently holding you back from having a life you absolutely love and are proud to be living
  2. Have an entirely new level of self-confidence and a new set of practical tools for creating your reality and attaining your goals
  3. Have expanded your consciousness and unlocked the knowledge you need to play the game of life and win consistently

The Self-Love and Effortless-Manifestation Incubator

This program is for those who are ready to heal the wounds of their pasts and transform the trajectory of their futures. In this course I hold your hand as we work together to upgrade your worthiness and self-love through techniques such as hypnotherapy, quantum meditation, neurological reprogramming, inner child work, EMDR and Internal Family Systems Therapy. (5 month course)

By the time our five months together have completed, you will:


  1. Have amped up your manifestation game and have the tools you need to create a life that lights you up every single day
  2. Have developed entirely new levels of confidence and self esteem, and feel more wholeness and wellbeing than ever before
  3. Be connected to your intuition and have a deep grasp of the universal laws so that you feel empowered in your daily life to take action with ease, confidence and grace

Beautifully Magnetic

Become your own Dream Girl: Crack the Beauty Code + Awaken your Radiance! (4 month course) The course is for women wanting to fall in love with their physical appearance and uplevel their beauty, magnetism, and sexiness from the inside out.

By the time our four months together have completed you will:


  1. Have a newfound confidence and excitement about the way you look and feel in your own skin
  2. Feel sexier and more attractive than ever before
  3. Be deeply connected to your sexuality, sensuality, and feminine allure and have begun to magnetize the type of attention you’ve been craving in your life

Powerful AF: Manifestation Mastery Course

This program is for those ready to master manifestation. In this course we dive deep into the universal laws and metaphysical principles surrounding human consciousness with the intention of exponentially amplifying our ability to create and magnetize our desires. (2.5 months)

* POWERFUL AF is available only to clients who have first completed one of the above courses.

By the time our 2.5 months together have completed you will:

  1. Have a firm grasp of the tools you need to become the master architect of your life experience and reality
  2. Understand how to manifest massive prosperity and happiness in your life in a way that involves almost no effort
  3. Become completely liberated from the paradigm of “should” and “have to”, and have cultivated a deep knowing that you are living the life you were born for

Success Stories

How do we arrive at our goals when you work with me?

My coaching practice is based on 10 years of intensive research in the arenas of personal development, psychology, neuroscience, quantum science and metaphysics.

As your coach, I will help you unlock your subconscious and limiting beliefs and replace them with positive ones that support you in the achievement of your long term goals.

You will receive practical tools and guidance to transform your self-concept and create impeccable self-esteem and confidence that will become the rock-solid foundation for every endeavor you pursue. 

In my spiritual toolkit are holistic psychotherapy, inner child work, hypnotherapy, quantum field meditations, energetic healing and somatic trauma release work.                                                       

During our time together you will learn the transformative principles you need in order to harness the power of the universe and unlock the doors to the abundance, joy, and radical love you deserve.

Quantum Science

Personal Development




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